Monday, August 10, 2009

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Unhinged

In a recent MSNBC interview with Peter Schiff, a serious potential senatorial candidate to run against Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut interviewer Lawrence O’Donnell came unhinged.

He used Schiff, the CEO and President of Europe-Pacific Capital, as a bridge game dummy hand by pummeling him with a diatribe interview that would flunk an undergraduate journalism student in a heartbeat. See for yourself on YouTube:

Schiff is one of the sharpest economic knives in the drawer. He predicted the current economic crisis and exactly how it unfolded more than three years ago. When it comes to figuring out how to get out of the mess, doesn’t it stand to reason that Schiff might have some insight and good ideas? Well, we didn't learn anything about that because O'Donnell was too busy interrupting and shouting Schiff down.

By bullying Schiff for nearly eight full minutes O’Donnell, an apparent left-wing ideologue and Obama cultist, ranted like a ten-year old: Shouting democrat talking points and non-sequiturs and stomping all over Schiff’s attempts to answer questions.

I’m glad to see this. It should be embarrassing to O’Donnell but he’s beyond that. His face is an embarrassment much less what he says. It should embarrass MSNBC, but they have lost all pretense of being a worthy news organization. Why I am happy to see this happen is this interview shows even the most casual observer the statist media outlets are starting to come unglued. The liberal agenda is starting to sputter.

Yes, ranting O’Donnells and lying pundits and journalists who think they are pundits and liberal journalists turned Obama government ministers of information ought to adequately demonstrate that things are not quite right in the land of the free.

It shows when the going gets rough for Obama and the liberal agenda the elitist O’Donnell types go postal on anybody who might disagree with the orthodoxy or who may even have some ideas about how to solve some giant economic problems (as Schiff surely does). It’s all in the open now. Let's give Chris Dodd a boost by belittling a possible opponent.

Transparency has certainly come to MSNBC and the rest of state-run print and broadcast media. And what we are seeing is ugly and dangerous.

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