Friday, August 7, 2009

Congress: The Weakest Link In The Constitutional Chain

This month there are scores of town hall meeting that members of congress are supposedly holding to hear from their constituents about health care and other issues being foisted on the American people by Barack Obama and his cult faithful. Some of them aren't even showing up because they are afraid of being raked over the coals by some very passionate and agitated voters.

Most of these political elites have not, have never, and never will actually read the bills they pass.

Today we have a president who, under the slogan of "Hope and Change," has revealed himself to be a naive socialist who knows only one way to get things done: Muscle!

Witness the union thugs who are showing up at these town hall meetings to 'keep law and order' and provide cover for the representatives and senators who are desperately trying to convince you that government single payer health care won't cast granny into the Soilent Green cracker plant instead of paying for a life saving operation. Desperately trying to convince you that the medical care you now get will somehow continue while the government eats up all of the available capital to try (emphasis on try) to cover the costs that will rise into the trillions. Desperately trying to avert your eyes to the fact that our standard of living is on the down slope and will bottom out once the government takes it all over.

We are going to be told what cars to drive. Regulation are already being cooked up to tell homeowners that they have to make their houses "green" before they can be sold to someone else. Or made "green" while you're living in them. This isn't in deference to the environment. This is meant to control you and how you live. This is sheep herding and the union and ACORN border collie dogs are helping to gather the stragglers out there who seem to have it in their heads that liberty and freedom are somehow alive and well in America.

In fact, they are worse than dogs - - they are the modern day version the Brownshirt that helped Hitler solidify power.

So where is my check and balance from Congress? Out to lunch!

Things have evidently gotten so bad in the halls of congress that your freedom is being salted away by your representatives for promises of federal money for community centers, midnight basketball programs and federal money for phony jobs programs and other perk goodies that these people think are worth trading away your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for. They are being bought - - plain and simple.

To get along in the halls of congress these people feel like they have to go along.

Let's get one thing perfectly clear: The only reason your congressman or your senator is where he or she is is because they got at least one more vote than the other guy did. They're not necessarily smart, bright, possess common sense or have your best interests in mind. They have only to exhibit a knack for acquiring more votes than their opponents. And that is our our fault.

Anybody who votes for a democrat and some of the republicans today is voting for a socialist agenda. The pressure Obama and his minions put on these people to go along would make Tony Soprano and his wiseguys look like pussies!

It is long past time for Americans to take to the streets to express their outrage at what is happening. It's the American way. It has always been the American way ever since the revolutionary war. If your representative doesn't smell the message then he or she must be made to swallow the message. Either that or get ready to go home.

I am tired of politicians who tell me to vote for them because they will go to Washington "and make a difference." This cliche is so hackneyed I want to vomit when I hear it. What I long to hear is that somebody wants to go to Washington to deconstruct the federal morass that infringes on our constitutional rights. Somebody who will tell an Obama totalitarian type to go to hell.

People today are afraid of the federal government. It should be the other way around. When the people are afraid of their government, that is tyranny: When the government is afraid of the people, that is liberty.

It is time to make our elected representatives afraid of the power of the people to oust them. Especially when they're acting in their own or party interests rather than the interests of the people they represent.

If they don't, then I am afraid we all better start practicing our arm salutes and goose stepping.

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