Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thanks To The Kennedy Curse

Thank you infamous Kennedy Curse. You finally caught up with the most deserving Kennedy!

Ted Kennedy was college cheater (twice expelled), and despite having had some higher education, never advanced beyond the rank of Private in the US Army. Yet he is deified by the media now as the greatest Senator ever.

I watched scores of people file past his casket in Massachusetts, with honor guard standing vigil, and wondered just what in the hell kind of Kool Aid these people have ingested. This is a guy who would, if he were an ordinary Massachusetts resident, just be getting out of jail for killing Mary Jo Kopechne.

This is a creep who spent most of his privileged life as a drunken sot who never outgrew the lifestyle of the idle rich-boy his bootlegger and mafia-connected father provided for him and the rest of the 'boys.' Somehow he caught the public service bug and bought himself a Senate seat instead of doing the rest of the country a service by simply buying a case of bootleg gin, taking a cheap hotel room somewhere, and spending the rest of his life making the capillaries in his nose explode from binge drinking.

This was a man whose end-of-life care cost more than the Kennedy Compound is worth yet we're supposed to rename government health care bills in his name so we can be told to take pain pills and go off the woods somewhere to die when our brain cancers - - or our parents infirmities - - get as advanced.

This is a man who pulled every imaginable string to get his accused rapist nephew off the hook and through medical school. Gee, I wonder how the nephew feels about government health care?

This is a man who drove the first wife to alcoholism and she should have been the big hint that something was not quite right with the fat boy in the first place when she divorced him. Meanwhile, he engaged in 'waitress sandwich' sex at local restaurants with his ass-clown buddy, Senator Christopher Dodd.

What on earth is wrong with people in New England? Kennedy, Kerry, Markey, Sanders, Dodd, Leahy and a host of other socialists eroding the constitution and our economic system and threatening our liberty and freedom. What is more unbelievable are the people in the Senate. "My old friend" eulogies from the likes of that frog face Orin Hatch and screws loose McCain?

"The Lion of the Senate?" Please. What the hell does that mean? He'll eat you if you cross him?

Now that he is gone he continues to cost the American taxpayer. The propane that is consumed every year to keep the eternal flame at his grave site at Arlington National Cemetery (not bad for a former Private First Class with no war experience) is not only a direct cost, but the indirect cost of the 'carbon footprint' is enormous over the next end-of-time. Where is Al Gore on that one, I wonder? Hey, maybe the Kennedy trust fund is buying carbon credits on his behalf. If it is not, it should be made to.

No telling who the brainless dolts of Massachusetts will choose next to replace this jerk. I'm sure it will be another totalitarian wannabe. Maybe even break out into song with a few bars from Camelot!

I guess the all those Senators are going to have to find a new Lion to lionize, back slap, and screw waitresses with.

So thank you Kennedy Curse. Thank you very much.

I'm sure it is asking too much to have you visit every voter in Massachusetts. But could you please start trolling around the US Senate cloakroom?


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