Friday, August 14, 2009


Obama the Joker! Martin Luther King's dream come true:

"That all men will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

The Obama as Joker poster should be celebrated!

The Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger in the Batman movie was a double-crosser and not unwilling to use extreme muscle to clear the field of opposition to get his way and rule Gotham. Sound familiar?

The Joker poster showing a deadpan Obama with the lipstick and white kabuki makeup is a great example of ridicule if you listen to the people who doctored up a picture of George Bush the same way and published it in Vanity Fair magazine. What a great laugh, huh? But hey, it was humor-based, therefore okay.

But not everybody sees the Obama Joker poster the same way. Read what a so called professional journalist, Steve Mikulan of LA Weekly wrote about it:

. . . the fears of the art lovers who champion the Obama Socialism poster are all about race - about losing their skin privileges, about the possible airing of old crimes and grievances committed against blacks. How else can you explain the mad surge to buy guns, to deny Obama's American birth, the teary prediction that the White House is ordering up concentration camps, and the rock-solid belief that Obama's lab-coated bureaucrats are coming to kill our grandmas? Who's the real Joker here? And whose deck is that race card being played from?

The liberals felt good that America voted in a black guy as president. But now, in the face of this poster, need to pull out the race cards to justify attacks on anybody who disagrees with Obama’s socialist and totalitarian politics, or his place of birth, or even how he looks. Because the socialist libs can’t condemn all those closet racists out there because Obama was actually elected at the hands of a majority of white voters, so now these same people are racists because they question his place of birth, they buy guns, and they have fears over Obama ordering the US Army to train to quell domestic disturbances. None of which can be remotely traced to Obama’s race except in the minds of those who see disagreement and ridicule as racism. What a stretch!

The poster depicts Obama made up like the Joker with the caption, “Socialism,” at the bottom. Not, “Black Guy,” not “Spearchucker,” not the dreaded “N-word.” No, socialism is now the new right wing synonym for the N-word. That stretches the limits of human logic thinner than pulled salt water taffy.

Fellow travelers like Steven Mikulan are evidently imploding because ordinary Americans are ridiculing and making a statement about the president's character.

Mikulan wants to know who the real Joker is here. As if millions of people can’t appreciate the dripping ridicule in that poster? What are you going to do Stevie-boy? Wear out your dialing finger calling all of them in to the White House Snitch Line?

Frankly, I hope Mikulan’s lungs fail. Or his hands become palsied and he can’t type anymore. And that he is given placebos for it at the nearest Obama Clinic. Aaahhhh Haaaaa Haaaaaa. Isn’t that funny? No? Gee, it worked for Wanda Sykes when ridiculing the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

Ain't humor and ridicule great?

It works both ways, Mikulan, you race-mongering blood fart!

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